Hydrator Toner

Hydrator Toner

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NatureSecrets Hydrator / Toner

Use after cleansing, spritz hydrator / toner onto the skin and pat into the skin prior to applying your chosen moisturiser. This rehydrates and nourishes the skin.

Choose from 4 Skin Types -

  • BROWN label- Element of Earth / Autumn Balancing Hydrator for              Normal / Combination Skin Types.
  • BLUE label- Element of Water / Winter - Rejuvinating Hydrator  for                      Dry / Mature / Damaged Skin Types.
  • RED label- Element of Fire / Summer Purifying Hydrator for                            Oily / Acne / Problem Skin Types.
  • YELLOW label- Element of Air / Spring Soothing Hydrator for                Sensitive / Couperose Skin Types.


NatureSecrets Face and Body is now a Bespoke product.

Made to order. So these products may take up to 14 days to be received once order is taken.