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Joanne Vassallo~ Your mentor

Joanne Vassallo is a global mentor & coach specialising in entrepreneurship, business,lifestyle, health & relationships.
Working online & in person, combining holistic therapies for powerful change & transformation.

Hi, I'm Joanne....
Mentor. Coach. Healer. Intuitive. Artist. Alchemist.Teacher. Author. Entrepreneur.

Love what you do and do what you love!

That's exactly what I do. I have passion and compassion, love and understanding and where you may have felt stuck, alone or not know what your next steps are, I will hold space for you and share my intuitive insights and knowledge to assist you and guide you in moving past those barriers, dissolving blocks, programming and achieve your goals.

I will guide you to release resistance and fear and unveil your awsomeness, the beauty and knowledge that you hold within. I will assist you in developing on a personal and spiritual level, achieve your goals , dreams and desires!
1. What are your fears?
2. What's holding you back?
3. Do you have goals and are struggling to achieve them?
4. Youv'e tried everything, but can't seem to move past where you are right now?
5. Are you going around in circles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then let's have a chat and discuss how I can help you?

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Some of the reason's why people hire me to work with them are ~

Increase confidence
Through life experiences we can find ourselves lacking in confidence and can take a change of focus, I assist and guide you with your perception and mindset to encourage confidence back, love and value yourself to be able to have the courage and strength to be self confident.

Career transition
Changing careers or transitioning from one job to the next can be stressfull. Being unhappy in your job or career and transitioning into your next can be scary and worrying. With my direction and guidance you can work out the steps to do this with ease, confidence and enjoy the process.

Dream realisation
To dream is to have a vision. What are your dreams and visions for the future? If you don't know what you desire that's ok as we sometimes need to figure out what our needs and wants are in order to even create and see that dream before we can manifest it and assist it to come to life. I will take your through the steps to birth your dreams.

Start a business
Starting a business can be a scary thought if you have never done that before. That's why hiring a mentor / coaach is essential. There are essential steps to take to set one up and then plan a business for success. Those steps are done easily when you have me as your mentor holding your hand and sharing all I know when it comes to setting up a business, planning a business and running a business. It doesn't need to be scary or hard. I highly recommend getting assistance to do it all properly with ease and confidence.

Train your brain
Training your brain is all about reframing and reprogramming your brain, and thoughts from a negative thought or programming, or a way that your thoughts are not healthy or achieving best results for you, to a new way of thinking to achieve a positive and successful response and experiences.
Train your brain to attract all that it is you desire to live the life of your dreams, to have a positive and healthy mindest and be confident in all your life experiences and what you think , say and do. I assist you in bringing your awareness to the forefront to enable you to achieve all of this and more.

Understand yourself
For years you may have been doing things, thinking things and living a certain way and not really understanding yourself and why..... you are experiencing life the way that you have been or are experiencing life. Understanding what your strengths and weaknesses are assists you in being more confident and successful in all areas of life. Understanding yourself on every level, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually can be a life changer and makes all the difference to all the areas in your life like, relationships, career, finances, health and so much more.


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