Online Courses

Online Digital Courses are a way for you to learn at your own pace
in your own time and in the comfort of your own space....
These courses are all based around wellbeing,
lifestyle and education in healthy living and life purpose.
New online courses will continually be added to our list,
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Empire Life . Surrender to Success!

This course is digital do at your own pace!
For anyone who is wondering why you can't move past your past, where you are, or just simply stuck.
You will have to face your uncomfortable shadows, but once that is accomplished through my Empire life method, you will be free from all that has been holding you back and stuck in one spot.....
NOW is the time to face all of that debris from the past the darkness needs to emerge to clear you on a soul level for success and freedom to move forward with clarity, power and divine union.
CLICK HERE to make the changes that are necessary....... to make a CHANGE and SURRENDER to SUCCESS!



 5 do at your own pace recorded video calls and resources inside a memebership portal. 

Click HERE to Invest in yourself and your health.




Mystic Mastery Oracle Card Reading Course

This is a great course for beginners who want to open and grow their intuitive psychic connection
and learn how to interpret oracle cards for guidance.
For more info or to sign up click HERE

Traditional & Modern Tarot Course 

Traditional & Modern Tarot Course

Traditional and Modern Tarot (Includes 1 BONUS class on oracle card reading)

Tarot cards are certainly the best known and most commonly used divination tool. It has become more complicated over the last thirty years because an enormous influx of new Tarot cards has come onto the market, making choice extremely difficult.

In this course we use the Rider Waite Tarot and Angel Tarot By Radleigh Valentine. (These will need to be purchased prior to your starting.)

Click the link HERE to see what you will learn ………




Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage Course By Tina Rossiter

🌸 🌸 🌸
Learn something new!
 Learn a beautiful Hawaiian massage!
 Learn Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage!
We teach the Heartworks style of Lomi Lomi, which was founded by Sherman Dudoit
You can now learn this amazing massage online with our easy step by step instructional video's.
To view our course please CLICK HERE