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Sacred Awareness Services with Joanne Vassallo

Energy Healer & Therapist . Intuitive Psychic . Empowerment Mentor .
Life Coach . Natural Organic Product Alchemist .
Facilitator . Teacher . Artist & Author .

Joanne is an international Healer, Intuitive, Mentor/ Coach and has her own range of natural organic products called NatureSecrets for the face and body and wellbeing. She has written a children’s healing book called the Rainbow Tree in Me and Joanne also does small meditation classes and teaches various workshops and courses like Intuitive spiritual development, Tarot, Energy maintenance, Reiki, Sacred Healing and Healing with the arts and is now located in Glenbrook NSW and all of her services can be done online distantly also.

I am so excited to share a selection of services I have to offer you.

All services can be done in person or online.   

INSIGHT- How does Joanne’s Energy Clearing and Healing work?

I Joanne, am acting as a conduit or channel of divine loving energy for your personailised unique energy clearing and healing sessions.
Once I have permission from you to assist with your clearing and healing needs, I then tune into your energy and can see, hear, feel and know what exactly needs to be cleared and healed. I then, am directed by my own spiritual guides and universal creator to clear and heal on a very deep and multidimensional level.

These unique clearing and healing sessions bring about relief and release of many layers and lifetimes of clearing heavy negative emotions, thoughts, programming and experiences that have held you back , blocked you from progress, made you unhappy and in some cases even caused pain and disease.
A combination of techniques used as I channel energy to best suit your individual and unique needs for your healing session. No two healings are ever the same as we are always revealing new layers of clearing and healing that needs to be cleared and processed at a certain time. We are only ever given to clear and heal what needs to be cleared and healed at that point in time and what we can handle.

Over time we accumulate negative emotions, thoughts, experiences and habits that are of a low vibrational energy level and can build up in our energy system and create these heavy negative energies, blockages and imbalances. We can also attract other people’s lower vibrational energy that can affect us in a negative way and influence our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and health. Our personalities and behaviours can also be influenced by these energies.

That’s the bad news, the good news is you can do something about it. That’s what I am here for. To assist you in clearing any blockages, trauma and heaviness that may be holding you back from living the most joyous and fulfilling life possible. I look forward to connecting and assisting you on your journey if you choose to do so. 

Please take your time to browse and select a service that suits you in person or online via zoom.

 Joanne is located at 12B Ross Street, Glenbrook. 2773. Sydney. NSW. Australia.  

(Behind the wholistic centre.)

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