TIME OUT! From the desk of Joanne

Time Out! 

All you self and spiritual development junkies may relate to this blog.

I know I have felt like this in the past, many times. We can work on ourselves and keep working on ourselves to many degrees of depth and focus. We know it is a very important factor to our journey and personal and spiritual growth, and that we are all here striving to be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.

Time out is a part of that journey and what is important is that we are loving ourselves fully in the process and embracing who we are in that moment. By doing this you are consciously aware of your energy and capacity to cope with the changes and transformation taking place.


I have personally found that sometimes standing still and being in the cocoon stage is the most important process and part. Pushing and controlling or trying to speed up the process may create a premature outcome. Just like the development of a child in the womb. When a child is born prematurely there are risks and a vulnerability that makes the child weaker than if it were born full term.

The importance of feeling it, being in it till the process is complete makes for a stronger you, a stronger, mature, and healthy outcome. YES, it can be uncomfortable to feel the feels and wait for the outcome. Humans are not patient people at the best of times, but this process, however, deserves and needs patience. Sometimes we just need a break to fully flourish!

Keep your close and genuine people by your side, find support as you need to. This stage is important to bring in and encounter the most nurturing and self-loving treatments as possible. This will be different for everyone, and it is just the most perfect time to listen to your body and soul.

There have been times where I thought I was not ever going to pull through to the other side, especially if I was processing something heavy and deep like grief. It is a pain you do not want to go through or feel. we find ways to resist it at times and go back to being comfortable. But it is necessary to feel uncomfortable in order to shed and let go of the pain and past.

Nothing is permanent, it all passes at some stage and if can just trust and have faith in the process, go with the flow, feel the feels, release, and let go, it assists the process with great ease and grace! 

Your connection to yourself , your higher self is your preservation!

NO MORE forcing, controlling, fighting, or pushing. This is hard work and unnecessary energy being used in an unhealthy way. If we can just allow ourselves to trust, love and relax into the process with self-love and courage, it results in a divine lightness and a strength you never thought existed within you.

TIME OUT in sacredness creates an exciting new energy and opportunities with beautiful divine outcomes.
COURAGE is required for CHANGE
ACTION is required for EMPOWERMENT
Blessings Joanne

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