SOULutions - Coping with Today!


SOULutions - Coping with Today! 

Here’s the thing, we all make choices based on emotions and it’s important right now to be in a place of balance, alignment, and center. Meaning being in the now and present moment and being clear can assist us in not having an emotional buildup or reaction to the current circumstances you are experiencing. Fully owning our decisions and what feels right for us individually is the thing that brings you into your own power.

There are polar opposites in everything that exists and there is no right or wrong, just your own perception of that. Being in your full power and holy knowing what is right for you will bring a sense of empowerment, contentment, peace and calm.

Today we are being and setting an example for our children and those learning to navigate this world as they grow and it is precisely in this moment you get to make a choice on how you move forward in life and see everything from a neutral position understanding that it all exists and you have the choice to focus on what you want to focus on.

My focus right now is the SOUL-utions not the fear, not the judgement, not the right or wrong. How can you create solutions within your life right now to be healthy, happy and feel the way you want to feel and live?


I stopped - watching and listening to anything that disturbed me, that gave me that gut feel not to. I allowed myself to receive the only information that was necessary for me to see or hear. I researched what came to mind and followed my guidance in what I was drawn to uplift my health and life.

I listened - to my gut in regard to what helps me to feel good in all ways… Example, exercise, natural organic foods and beverages, hobbies that I love, spending time in nature, researching natural healthy ways to build my immunity and heal from any emotional or mental or physical issues I may have had or have.

I created- time for creative projects and things that I love doing. Example, gardening, growing my own vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Creating classes and education platforms for people to help themselves and gain support.

I smelled – the nature outside and brought natures natural medicine and scents inside through plants and essential oils, organic teas, and herbs and cooking.I created a supportive range of oils to apply when you need to shift an emotion or feel a certain way.... you can take a look HERE


I ate- Tasty healthy natural organic foods from mother earth and drank healthy water, herbal teas and organic vegetable and fruit juices. I also did not eat, as I practice Int fasting for optimum health.

I continue to improve my knowledge and understanding of nature and our organic natural choices available to us daily.

So, finding your way of bringing so much joy, health, fulfillment and clarity in your life may be different to mine however the basis of being a light in this life to yourself and many others will be with no judgement, no fear and no toxic influences. Stay clear on who you are and who you want to be.

Go back to basics and start from there, eliminate all that no longer serves you or your family in all areas of life including, relationships, friendships, time spent on things you dislike and material objects that are no longer a pleasure or serving you. Create a space where you feel content and at peace to be able to spend time assessing what needs to go.

Keep life simple and stress free. See how you learn to trust your decisions and what is best for you. Trusting that by following your inner compass you are many more steps closer to peace and happiness. This has a ripple effect on your family, friends, and life in general.

We are all connected and are one. In unity we must stay positive and be in balance and be clear of the darkness you can feel and see.

Stay in your light and be the best person you can possibly be, it's time to look within.

Your Soul is the SOULution! 


Peace and Blessings Joanne

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