In Times Of Change!

In Times Of Change!

For years I have been so privileged to be so connected to my intuition that I have been given the insight into the foreseeable future. I have had visions, dreams, and messages about what we are experiencing now and what is to come.

Here is something important to understand, FEAR creates anxiety and stress therefore effecting your nervous system and immune systems and then compromising your energetic vibration of your body and energy bodies (Aura). It is a domino effect. When we are vulnerable, we are weakened and that state of being is not going to help you physically and metaphysically (energetically).

Focusing on ourselves, bettering ourselves and being the best version of ourselves is a domino effect and that energy assists the collective people and this planet.

In Times Of Change Joanne Vassallo


This is a time of transformation of detoxifying and regeneration. It’s absolutely essential in times of change to understand this …. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

  • It is only temporary not permanent.
  • We must stay in our heart space and a place of love.
  • Believe and trust in our strength and faith.
  • Be sensible, practical, and positive.

The steps to staying strong, being in your power and becoming resilient to anything that can weaken or influence you in a negative way.

  • Drink lots of clean water (Alkaline water)
  • Eat grounding foods (veggies that grow in the dirt)
  • Up your minerals zinc for example etc…
  • Up your vitamins: Example-  vitamin C, D and B complex etc…
  • Have nurturing treatments (salt baths- Epsom salt, Sea salt, Himalayan salts are all great salts to use) We sell salt mixes in our NatureSecrets Online Store 
  • Watch up lifting funny movies or tv.
  • Practice meditation daily or connection time (clear your mind – channel the golden light vibration) Insight timer is a great app for different variaties or Youtube.
  • Breathwork - Being aware of your breath and use different types of breathing techniques to assist you in being in the moment, calm and healthy.
  • Journal your thoughts and emotions daily. 
  • Be sensible and practical about where you go and who you surround yourself with. 
  • Personal hygiene needs to matter wash and steralise regularly.
  • Change your under clothing and clothing daily.
  • Find things you love to do (reading, self-educate, journal, write, art, cooking, gardening, exercising, yoga etc…. See here Online Yoga Classes with NIN YOGA
  • Detox, clear, clean out your space, clothes, home, and items etc…
  • Play uplifting music.
  • Be creative in your own way, gardening, art, craft, cooking etc….
  • Stay positive, happy, and uplifted. You can use Essential oils to help heal and uplift, ground etc.... there is an oils or many for all different needs.
  • Have virtual chats regularly and group gatherings online.
  • Watch and listen to positive podcasts and seminars.
  • Join online groups that will uplift, support and educate you.
  • Remove yourself from too much media, tv and any other heavy influences that effect you negatively.
  • Connect with the people you love and feel good to speak to.

I am currently offering- 

 Free Energy Checks online (Limited Time Only).

ALL sessions  are currently online globally through Zoom.

I offer mentoring packages for all ages Children, Teenagers and Adults for all aspects of life- Relationships, Career, Business, Health and Spiritual growth.

I also have a Facebook support group called The Vitality Empire filled with meditations, intuitive insights, group healings and much more. All are welcome. Look forward to connecting with you further.

Blessings Joanne Vassallo

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