Finding Peace!

Finding PEACE!


Those seeking peace from the outside, take a good look within. There you will find the pain from the past that is underlying , lingering and effecting the now and your future. All because this past pain has been ignored, unprocessed and not acknowledged.

Yes, it is difficult and challenging to face what hurts, but trust me as a energy healer when I say that old energy, old emotions and trauma is poison to you your body, your relationships and your life.

Acceptance is the start and key. knowing, understanding and accepting that all the past was a gift to assist you to learn, grow and have an opportunity to elevate and create a better version of you and your life as a whole.

Peace within Blog By Joanne Vassallo

PEACE is not outside of you!


Your inner peace may be rattled by external factors, only with your permission and allowance is that really possible. Blame and victimhood are an ugly example of not taking responsibility for yourself, your circumstances and life.

Remember where you came from, that soul essence of you, who you really are. You are a shining star, a part of creation, and when we forget our purity we are poisoned by perception, beliefs and programming, thinking that this is who we are or what we are. NOT TRUE! You are who you choose to be. Are you your past or your future?

We must go back to our originality and purity. NOW is the time to come back to our hearts, from our hearts and a place of love and compassion for all things and situations. No one is perfect, however everyday we have a chance to start over and do our best. Make someone else smile or do something nice that will have a positive effect. Not be effected or poisoned by external factors. Only you have control of your inner PEACE with no dependancy of anything or anyone.

Be in your raw form, your true essence. It’s never too late to start again. We have a choice to start over in our hearts for all of life, people, situations and things. Nothing is more attractive than a person coming from a place of heart and purity, making that place their home. Home is where the heart is!

Clear out the baggage and pain from the past. You can do this with various holistic treatments and services that nuture and help you to release. Do yourself a favour and stop wasting your time and life living back there, doing what you have always done and it’s not working for you!

Some people need guidance, new ideas and perceptions and accountability with their goals and Ideals. A few ways you can achieve this is by hiring a coach or mentor that is educated and experienced in assisting you to find your answers within and help you to experience those life changing light bulb moments. 

It’s time to make your load lighter and see how you can open up to an exceptional life and way of being. Ask for assistance if you need it and support is always close by. No one can do it alone, all of the time! Brave yourself and make a change for the better. You won’t regret it. You can then look back and say, I did all I could and I did my best and I never gave up on myself and life. I chose ME!

If you feeled called to work with me, I have a limited offer available now, just click on the picture link below and book in a free clarity call and let's have a chat to see how I can assist you. 


Bite sized mentoring with Joanne Vassallo
Much love Joanne
(PEACE be with and within you)


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